Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Math Journal

My Teaching Methods classmate Bryan and I are doing our final project using teaching statistics to create a variety of teachable products, where the emphasis is on literacy through math. For our "technology" part, I convinced him to make a blog that will serve as the class math journal for the year. (We don't have a class to teach right now, so the entries are fictitious, where we pretend to be the teacher and students.)

The idea is that the students will write about the day's math class in their little math journal, and one student each day will write in the blog instead. And the teacher can write in it too, to explain to the parents what their kids are up to in math class.

We'd also like to demonstrate that the visitor statistics could be used in a statistics problem, but to do that we need some visitor statistics! So please visit Our Math Journal to leave your mark on our counter, and maybe get an idea as well.

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