Friday, July 3, 2009

Quadratic formula

On Monday I'm teaching the quadratic formula to a bunch of kids who are in summer school because... (various reasons!)

One of my fellow student teachers keeps singing the formula to Pop Goes the Weasel.
I discovere many versions on line, 3 of which I've posted below. These are done by students. I love the rap version!

I have also made a card game to help remember it: I divided the formula up into 7 parts, and put each on a colorful card (shown) and then 4 values each for a, b, and c on other cards, which they can use to write equations and solve them. I'm curious how much time this will take, but I'll report back. They're getting a bit antsy toward the end of the summer session, so I think a more active, hands-on activity might get their attention!

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